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Human resources crisis
Human resources crisis

Overall projections foresee a workforce shortage in a near future, as generations stirring through the labour market are smaller than the one leaving it.

This scarcity will be felt especially for highly-skilled jobs, such as managers and workers in high-tech positions, but also for more traditional handcraft jobs. The growing demand and the tending low supply of workforce in the future, forecasts a human resources problem for some and opportunity for others. Either way, it will be expected to see a rising predisposition for companies to outsource skilled work and expertise.

In this scenario, the Human Resources role will increasingly become more critical for companies. Creating a strong and well-defined corporate culture provides competitive advantages as it attracts the best candidates, produces a higher employee morale, reduces team turnover and increases the productivity. The most attractive companies will be those with strong HR practices, work-friendly environment, training programs and other benefits.

In a fierce competitive market, companies can easily set aside one of their most valuable resources: people.
The stone industry is evolving into a technological production. Nevertheless, it will still require and have a critical need for specialized workmanship.

Are we ready for the future?


By Regina Vitório, LSI STONE

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