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MARMOMACC’16 review
LSI Stone @ Marmomacc'16

Before the start of the 51st Marmomacc, the anxiety could be felt in the air. The present and future of the international stone industry was about to be discussed, analyzed and decided.


While the increase of the exhibition area and all the available spaces sold out assured a successful perspective, the expectation of good business opportunities being fought over by qualified international buyers and suppliers, triggered the need and will to push forward.

And we, at LSI Stone, knew that.


Representing the best of Portuguese stone industry, we came to Marmomacc 2016 prepared to unveil ourselves. With an immersive 360º virtual tour, we’ve opened the doors our factory at 2197.8 km away, offering visitors the possibility to sneak peek our world. In a networking event, we’ve hosted a happy hour gathering to reencounter business partners and to make new ones, to discuss the future of stone and to reveal some of our latest projects.

Our expectations were high and the time and effort invested demanded a successful participation. With hundreds of visitors daily at our stand, we proved why Portuguese limestone deserves to be in the center stage of the world stone industry and why we’re worthy of the world renowned architects trust.

Capable of the most complex and demanding projects, LSI Stone has invested in the staff qualification and in the most advanced technology, in order to assure precise and high quality final results. We’ve been working all over the world in projects with such complex stonework that only few can tackle.


And that’s what we had come to show.

Our work, our commitment, our heritage, our growth, our love for stone.


By Regina Vitório, LSI STONE

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