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Sustainability is nowadays in the agenda of several, if not all, business areas and has been changing mindsets across the globe.


The concern about the environment and the world we’re leaving for future generations is an actual and truly important subject, even for the economy.

Sustainable solutions are in high demand, so millions are spent in studies, concepts, partnerships, technology, machines, new compound materials and so on… and while for some industries that comes easily and naturally, others really have to invest time and money in new solutions.


Some thrive in this new more conscious way of doing business, some struggle to keep up with legal requirements and their competitors. There’s a lot to tackle when it comes to the environment: the conscious use of natural resources, energy efficiency, water savings, waste management...

Either way, the planet wins.


Maybe we’re just lucky, maybe its fate or maybe we’re in the right industry.

We actually work with what we love and we don’t have to change it… The most sustainable, ecological and natural raw material and that happens to be one of the best building materials – stone.


By Regina Vitório, LSI STONE

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