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Helping the environment with plastic pallets
plastic pallets

Our life’s and future generations life’s are at risk, the resources of planet earth are increasingly limited. We need to change the consumption habits of natural resources and the way as we reuse it.

LSI Stone has been implementing new strategies to preserve the environment and make its ecological footprint smaller. We take this subject very seriously, we are really concerned about helping the environment to recover from the human actions that have damaged it over the last few years.

We feel the need to start the process of changing pallets that we use to transport our stone to the various parts of the world. The traditional wooden pallets cause a very significant ecological footprint, since trees have to be felled for its creation, and usually after a single use, it is no longer able to be reused in another transport due to the high weight its support, following its destruction after use. The final destination will be the burning, resulting in huge amounts of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere.

Plastic Pallets LSI Stone

To combat the above problems of using wooden pallets, LSI Stone is, in a phased way, replacing traditional pallets to new plastic pallets. With this measure, we seek to be more ecological because, plastic pallets are 100% recyclable and are easily reused for other transportation, usually these are more durable than wood.

The plastic pallets also have other supplementary advantages as it is more "clean" and hygienic, not attracting termites, fungi or bacteria as in traditional ones. It also has the advantage of being easily cleaned and can be subsequently used for the transportation of other products. The new pallets are even safer, it doesn’t have splinters, edges or nails that often cause injury to workers and transporters. The unibody makes it more resistant and least conducive to the occurrence of accidents due to its disassembly, which causes the release of nails and sometimes significant losses of the material transported.

With these measures we intend to help humanity create a better, more sustainable and balanced world, ensuring a good quality of life for future generations and all biodiversity.

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