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Innovation in the LSI Stone factory
Inovação na Fábrica da LSI Stone

At LSI Stone the innovation and progress are constant. When we complete a "step" there's always 2 more to raise! The new project in course is a turn key of sustainability in the stone industry. At the moment the works inside the facilities are very aggressive and causing negative visual impact, however, In the end, the result is going to make, all of us, at LSI Stone proud of being contributing to a better and sustainable world.

This transition process requires too much effort in producing and combining the best strategies for production to continue to function normally because production can not stop. If a section had stopped 1 hour, we would generate delays, we would later deliver the natural stone to our customers, and by consequence, we would delay the projects that are underway, and it can not happen.

LSI Stone is implementing a conveyor belt for automatic transport of waste resulting from the process of stone transformation directly into a specific area, making it easier to be stored and transported for future treatment.

The waste will have a special treatment at the end of this treadmill, the size of the stone will be reduced in small pieces, facilitating its uses for other purposes, such as paving roads or flattening plots of land.

LSI Stone has planned more improvements soon in order to improve the processes and profitability of it. In the future, we want to provide our employees increasingly better working conditions and our customers benefit from better products at a lower price.

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