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Natural Heritage
Natural heritage

In the Border of the Aires and Candeeiros Mountains, the famous Maciço Calcário Estremenho, is a magnificent and beautiful natural area; where LSI Stone is located.

In this region, the mystery and beauty of the landscapes can strike us as mute as Cistercian monks.

Harsh the Serra de Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park is a limestone massif with dramatic rocks, faults and scarpes.

If, we are prepared to discover its secrets, walking or cycling  in the trails, we find a surprising rural and natural world: shepherds herding goats amongst the dry-stone walls, woods and oak groves, magnificent caves and caverns, rock salt mines, dinosaur tracks from the Jurassic times, 18 species of bats, as well as orchids, golden eagles, mushrooms peony and marine fossils.

Portugal is a relatively small country, but it has a huge geographical and climacteric diversity.

Situated along the Atlantic Ocean, rich of Natural and Mineral Resources, a country of culture, religions and different gastronomic tastes, features that make Portugal a unique country!

Vineyards from the North to the South cover a large part of the mountains and Valleys, more than half a million acres are currently under vineyards in Portugal and these vineyards host over 250 different grape varieties.

LSI Wine

Currently, Portugal is recognized worldwide for having the best wines in the world, competing directly with other major producers such as France, Spain, Argentina or Italy. Despite being a small country it is the 11th largest wine producer globally.

Winegrowing protects the soils, air and water, keys that breath life and, also generate a balanced wine and grape flavor. It´s a priority to save the earth, growing wine grapes is a long terms prospect. When well-managed, vineyards can have a life of 25 or more years, giving life to the ecosystems in which they are situated and, this is what we keep protecting at LSI.

The sustainable logic of interacting natural stone with wine grapes follows the prospect of reuse of fertilized patrimonial soils and, of reusing the limestone waste resulting from the Industrial processing.

Following the company's sustainable strategy; at LSI Stone, the heritage soils are rich in minerals and acid-free, a cultivation of biologic vineyards covered an area of about 800 sqm in our plants. The different types of Biologic grapes can be appreciated shortly in the headquarters.

The wine that, in the future will result from the biological vineyard, will be processed in an artisanal and organic manner, following the sustainable policy of the company. 

Wine estimated properties as follows:

Energy‎: ‎288 kJ (69 kcal) 

Vitamin B6‎: ‎(7%) 0.086 mg 

Pantothenic acid (B5)‎: ‎(1%) 0.05 mg

Vitamin C‎: ‎(4%) 3.2 mg 


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