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Stones made of quartz compound may contain toxic substances harmful to health
Stones made of quartz compound may contain toxic substances harmful to health

Recently two companies were accused of containing toxic substances in their stones made of quartz compound. The research was conducted by Philippe Ledrans and is causing some impact in the sector in France. The companies involved in the controversy are Cosentino and Stone Italiana, although both reject the allegations.

Philippe Ledrans, the manager of the Marbrerie des Yvelines (MDY), is the leader of the process, which requested a scientific study to analyze the composition of the materials and later released the information related to the case on his blog and social networks.

The results were worrisome, the samples presented extremely high levels of substances of concern (SOC), among them the toxic element of cadmium. Higher than acceptable levels were also recorded on zinc and copper.

Meanwhile Trade Magazine Pierre Actual disclosed the main implications of the presence of these substances in products. These being:

  • Disposal of dust or rinsing water could be a problem if the material contains SOC and the dust is classified as a hazardous material:
  • Masons and kitchen artisans who cut countertop slabs could be exposed to a very high concentration of SOC emitting from the silica dust.
  • The production of slabs represents a danger to workers health.
  • From the customer's point of view, if foods are in contact with the countertops can release toxic material to the food product or, for example, when a hot pan is placed on the countertop

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