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We must accept the stone as nature gives us
Pedra como produto Natural

The stone is a raw material extracted from nature, without any modification. Stone companies give your best to work it for the various uses and requirements of architectural projects. Note that there are thousands of different qualities of stone, and each piece of stone extracted is unique. There are no equal stones, neither in the same quarry, neither in the same block.

"Each stone is a piece of history of planet earth"


We should value the stone as it is, as it was given to us by nature. At a time when the world is increasingly limited in natural resources, where sustainability has never been so widely spoken and relevant as it is today, we must know how to use these resources in the most efficient way.

We intend with this article to reinforce that, stone is not a manufactured product and therefore it is impossible to be entirely homogeneous and uniform. We want to warn that due to certain requirements of the current construction we, stone processing companies, are wasting large quantities of natural stone because "does not meet the standards" of a specific project. The result is high amounts of stone waste that could be avoided if people became aware that the stone is an entirely natural product, and respect small variations in color or patterns.


"We must realize that the stone is a natural product and not a manufactured product, for this reason, it is impossible to be completely uniform"


LSI Stone is always trying to find new uses for their stone waste in order to reduce the environmental impact and ensure the sustainability, but year after year it has been a worsening of these conditions, which are causing more and more stone waste.

Soon we will publish an article about sustainability and reveal ideas that allows to give a new life to this stone waste.

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