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Why should you choose limestone for your home
O porquê você deve escolher o calcário para a sua casa - Limestone

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what material to use for some products in your home, such as fireplaces, door surrounds, sinks, countertops and more. Imagine you want a sink that you drew yourself, but you do not know what material to choose. Marble, granite or limestone? All of it are fantastic materials, then we will tell you why you must consider limestone for your new project. Limestone is a popular natural stone material for several reasons. Below are some benefits of limestone:

Variety - Wide variety of colors, usually with homogeneous patterns easily match the interior of the house.

Aesthetics - The fact of being a natural stone provides another refinement and elegance to the place.

Durability - Limestone is a sturdy stone, it has been used for centuries.

We leave to you some examples where you can use limestone.

1. Limestone Walls

Portuguese Limestone

Many homes use only a limestone wall to make the house look nicer, making it a more economical option, but it leaves your home with a elegance look. The huge variety of finishes that can be used in this type of stone give you infinite solutions.

2. Limestone Flooring

Moca cream / Moca creme Flooring

You may be thinking about remodeling your flooring, and we assure you that Limestone is one of the best solutions you can have. It can be applied practically anywhere, outdoors and indoors. They require less maintenance and are resistant to water, bacteria and fungi.

3. Kitchen Countertops

Portuguese Limestone

Many people only consider marble and granite as a hypothesis for the kitchen countertop in their home. But they should also consider limestone, It is cheaper and it has the same level results as other natural stones. The variety is so much that you can give a homogeneous and modern look to your kitchen.

4. Bathroom Baths

Portuguese Limestone

Having a limestone bathtub is undoubtedly a beautiful addition to any bathroom, will always have an enviable impact. Bathrooms are often a place of relaxation that isolate us from the rest of the world for short moments, for this, you need personalize it, and nothing better than limestone to make that place in your place.

5. Limestone Fireplace

Portuguese Limestone

The fireplace is one of the most relevant objects in a living room. It is responsible for bringing warmth in winter, being the center of attention during that season. Having a fireplace made of quality material it will make the difference in aesthetics of the living room. The limestone fireplaces are beautiful and can be customized easily according to the style of each person.

6. Limestone Fountains

Portuguese Limestone

The world is full of beautiful limestone fountains, is used for centuries, and it is present in almost all of the oldest cities in Europe. The fountains give a premium and quiet look to your garden.

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