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Clarges Mayfair Project Earns London Prize

LSI Stone was once again present at the outstanding ceremony of the 2018 Natural Stone Awards. The award-winning project was Clarges Mayfair in London, a work that combines contemporary style with the historic surroundings of Piccadilly.

The Natural Stone Awards is one of the most important awards worldwide in natural stone architecture. The ceremony took place on December 7, with more than 360 architects, interior designers, designers and suppliers, selecting the best projects in the UK every two years, with several independent judges.

The Clarges Mayfair is a natural stone project both interior and exterior, close to Green Park and Buckingham Palace, designed by the Squire & Partners Architects office . Faced with the historical surroundings of the site, Portland limestone was selected for application on the exterior facade of the building. The Portuguese natural stone provided by LSI Stone, Semi-Rijo Limestone, was chosen for application on the huge interior façade of the main entrance of the building complex, it is an interior wall of a lobby, differentiated by the curvature and high dimension of the interior façade.

In the previous edition, which took place in 2016, LSI Stone was also awarded the 7-8 St James Square project in London. We aim to continue with our growth path and contribute with our stone and knowledge to works of excellence.

Clarges Mayfair Project Earns London Prize
International Architects visit LSI Stone

On October 10, LSI Stone received a group of selected international architects, with the purpose of promoting and transmitting knowledge about the Portuguese Natural Stone. The initiative results from the project designing with Natural Stone, organized by Assimagra and AIA, American Institute of Architects.

Designing with Natural Stone intends to teach architects new advanced techniques in the use of marble, limestone and other stone materials. The program is a unique combination of classroom lectures, guided architectural tours, and field trips to local quarries as well as to natural stone processing facilities. This approach allows architects to better understand the complete life cycle of natural stone.

LSI Stone has prepared a program full of activities in order to provide an unforgettable and memorable experience for all participants of the event. Watch the video to see how it was October 10th at LSI Stone.

New video was released at Marmomac 2018!

As usual, LSI Stone launches a new video every year at the world's best-known stone fair, Marmomac. The video was first exhibited in the huge Led wall present at the LSI Stone Stand during the 4 days of the fair.

The video shows the daily life in LSI Stone's company, the Portuguese culture, the love for natural stone and the values defended: sustainability, innovation, legacy, skills and people. The combination of these themes resulted in a unique video, something that had never been performed until today.

LSI Stone does not only expect to convey its ideals, but seeks to raise the Portuguese ornamental rock sector, increasing the visibility of the entire sector in the various markets globally.

LSI Stone for the first time at the Middle East Stone Show

LSI Stone participated for the first time in the largest stone fair in the Middle East, Middle East Stone 2018. The fair takes place annually in Dubai, from September 10 to 12, 2018, and attracts consumers from all Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Qatar and Kuwait.

The presence of LSI stone in the Middle East Stone 2018 goes against the strategy of increasing customers in the medium/long term in the Middle East market.

The fair was held for 3 days, with an extremely focused audience interested in Portuguese Natural Stone. Middle East Stone 2018 has provided LSI Stone many visits with new challenges for years to come.

The Wellness Clinic Project has been longlisted for the Dezeen Awards 2018

The Wellness Clinic is the world's first clinic to offer an integrated 10,500-square-foot integrated wellness and beauty approach on the fourth floor of the Knightsbridge store, with renowned specialists in the field of beauty, aesthetics and dermatology.

The clinic developed by Harrods in partnership with Stanton Williams has been longlisted for the Dezeen Awards 2018 interiors, list where they recognize the best architectural, interior and design in the world, as well as individuals and studios with the most impressive production, more than 3,500 projects from more than 91 countries, are currently selected.

LSI Stone supplied Portuguese limestone, which was part of a wide variety of natural materials of this great project.

Dezeen Awards 2018
Exclusive Portuguese Onyx by LSI Stone
LSI Stone launches exclusive Portuguese onyx for the market

The unique and exclusive Onyx produced by LSI Stone has been featured recently in one of the industry's most relevant websites, Stone Ideas. Stone Ideas gave the title "Portuguese LSI Stone turns vice to virtue by artfully filling faults in limestone to create unique marketing material" to the article.

LSI Stone had in the past presented a new and exclusive stone onyx at the fair of Marmomac 2017 in Italy, which was the center of attention of the stand, not escaping the looks of Peter Becker of Stone ideas.

This stone can only be found next to one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal, the Mira de Aire caves, located in the natural park of Serras de Aire e Candeeiros. The stone was formed millions of years ago near caves with more than 1500 stalactites. In this particular case, stalactites are composed of Onyx marble, a special type of onyx.

This onyx is rare, often only being discovered when the block is sawed, the same is seen as an imperfection of the stone, going to the trash, not being harnessed to create authentic works of art. A "waste product" that can be easily harnessed for decoration and artwork.

The small fragments of onyx resulting from the cutting process are used to fill the small faults, applying resin to obtain a perfect result.

The work of art exhibited at the fair was accompanied by a uniform light panel behind the stone, achieved in cooperation with GPI, creating an extraordinary decorative effect.

LSI Stone expects to start marketing this exclusive stone very soon, and is currently developing a brand for the product.

Read more at Stone Ideas.

Exclusive Portuguese Onyx by LSI Stone
LSI Stone projects mentioned in The Natural Stone Source Book

LSI Stone has several projects mentioned in the 2018/2019 edition of The Natural Stone Source Book. The magazine is held in partnership with Stone Federation Great Britain, which LSI Stone is a member.

This year's edition counts as usual with the latest architectural news in the stone sector, informing the world trends in the stone sector. In addition, the magazine addresses many interesting topics related to the industry, such as technical recommendations.

The magazine mentions numerous projects relevant to the industry, mainly in the United Kingdom. LSI Stone had two of its projects mentioned in the magazine, 7-8 ST James Square and 20 Old Bailey, both from the United Kingdom, which uses Portuguese natural stone on the facade of the building.

Read the Stone Source Book here.

LSI Stone at Stone Source Book
LSI Stone has been selected as a One to Watch  in the European Business Awards
LSI Stone has been certified as One to Watch in the European Business Awards

LSI Stone has been selected, and certified as a One to Watch in the 2017/2018 European Business Awards! The team is extremely proud to have achieved a distinction at European level.

Soon the winners of all awards will be announced at the European Business Awards ceremony on 23rd May 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. Voting for the Public Award will be available until 3 May of 2018.

If you trust us and believe in our efficiency, excellency of products and services, why not vote for us?

Vote for us here, it won't take long!

LSI Stone has been selected as a One to Watch  in the European Business Awards
LSI Stone participated in the stone industry Open Day

LSI Stone has been involved in the open day of the natural stone industry promoted by Assimagra together with the City Council of Porto de Mós, the event took place during the 27th of February, it had a few dozen visitors.

The "Enterprising the Future by Portuguese Natural Stone" aims to open the doors of the companies of the stone industry of the region to the people, in order to show the students the importance of the sector of the natural stone industry, as well as to provide knowledge about the process of extraction and transformation of natural stone.

The project included a visit to the limestone extraction site in the Serra de Aire e Candeeiros in the morning, the process of transformation of natural stone was observed at LSI Stone during the afternoon, showing the know-how and technology available in this industry.

Open Day of the Natural Stone Industry
Concert raises funds for M.A.E.S Therapy

Children deserve the best in the world because we are only children once. To proportionately better treatment conditions for many children, M.A.E.S. Therapy organized the concert "XMAES".

Following the social responsibility LSI Stone has sponsored a concert in London reaching the main goal: raise as many funds as possible to help M.A.E.S Therapy and therefore to improve the daily life of many children. 

M.A.E.S Therapy helps children with neuro-developmental movement disorders to achieve their maximum potential by providing them the highest quality specialist physical therapy.

LSI Stone in the Newspapers

LSI Stone has been highlighted as a reference in the natural stone processing industry in two different Portuguese newspapers!

The edition of the "Portugal Inovador" and "Portugal em Destaque" magazines, attached to the two of the most popular newspapers in Portugal, chose LSI Stone, to be interviewed and to enrich the articles about the entrepreneurship, internationalization and about the Transformation of the natural stone.

"Portugal Inovador" magazine, attached to the Público newspaper, chose the entrepreneurs Regina Vitório and Pedro Vazão to represent the entrepreneurship of the Portuguese industry, the article highlights "is firmly, adventurous the spirit and the exquisite capacity of leadership that Regina Vitorio, CEO of LSI Stone, that is the soul of a company whose sector is mostly made up of men. " On the other hand, the magazine "Portugal em Destaque", attached to the Expresso newspaper highlights the strong presence of the company in the international markets, and its route over the years.

Following the strategy of being a reference in the stone industry, LSI Stone is an example of entrepreneurship and good practice in Portugal. The LSI Stone Team is proud to be a reference in the Portuguese industry, and to note that their work is recognized and valued. 

Download the digital version of Portugal Inovador magazine here (Portuguese version).

LSI Stone in newspaper
European Business Awards, LSI Stone has been selected!

LSI Stone has been selected one of just 110 companies that will appear on the 2018 European Business Awards

Vote for Natural Stone and for LSI stone here!

The successful selection has been based on the exceptional growth, significant innovation and an ethical approach to the business. In addition, also have been selected for significant accomplishment fitting with one of the 12 award categories of the European Business Awards.

At LSI Stone we are very proud and honored with this selection, first because we believe in a stronger and developed economy in Europe, Portugal and Porto de Mós.  Also, because we believe the Natural Stone is an Important Industry with a high Entrepreneur vision, representing an important turnover percentage in the economies and therefore profits and positive results into the economies; Local, National and Worldwide.  

Thank you to all, that trust on LSI Stone and that are supporting us, a big thank to the Sponsors of European Business Awards and to the main sponsor RSM.


LSI Stone has once held the Christmas party on Saturday the 2nd of December involving all the collaborators and partners of the company. Year after year this family is sustainably growing.

The party was very lively, also featured a special performance of a Portuguese violinist, providing a Christmas atmosphere very unique and special at this time of the year. The night was cold but the hearts where warm and happy...

The holiday season is inspiring and cheerful, we took advantage of this atmosphere in the air, to join the whole team and reflect on the year that took place, strengthening ties and, team spirit.

We look forward for a Great Season and a special thanks to all that believe on LSI stone team.


At LSI Stone the innovation and progress are a constant. When we complete a "step" there's always two more steps to be raised! This is Regina and Pedro´s  typically policy.

The new project in course is a turn key of sustainability in the stone industry. At the moment the works inside the facilities are very aggressive and causing negative visual impact, however, In the end, the result is going to make, all of us, at LSI Stone proud of being contributing to a better and sustainable world.

This transition process requires too much effort at the production unit, combining the best strategies to continue the daily life of the manufacture operations, without prejudicing the production and logistics. It´s a large and huge effort, at this stage to all of us, involved in such an important transition.  

New strategies of operations, new technologies and renovated plants are in progress, thinking sustainable and getting prepared to the Industry 4.0.

More news coming shortly.

Team LSI joins for St. Martin's Day

On 11th of November it´s Saint Martins Day; and in Portugal the tradition it´s to have roasting chestnuts, to drink “agua pé e Jeropiga” (the first grape). It´s the day to taste the new wines and as the ancestors use to say: in Saint Martin’s Day go to the wine cellar and taste the wine.

We took the opportunity to have a pedestrian walk to Discover Ancestral Areas and Traditions in Serra de Aire and Candeeiros, to taste the Wine, local traditional gastronomies and of course, to have the famous roasted chestnuts.

It was a very pleasant day, full of rich Activities surrounded by the mother natural and ancestral traditions.

Erasmus Students LSI Stone
Erasmus Students and teachers visited LSI Stone

On the 6th of November 2017, LSI Stone has opened the doors to the Erasmus + , to a group of 50 Students and 14 Teachers coming from 6 different countries in Europe, - Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Finland, Norway. The main subject of this visit was to discuss the "entrepreneurship".

The CEO of LSI Stone, Regina Vitório, with a large experience in the business management, have introduced to the visitors the whole processing of the Natural stone. They had the opportunity to see and touch the finished product, numerous artworks, to understand that Natural stone lasts forever.. and also have been explained the  entrepreneur career of  Regina Vitório.

LSI Stone is always willing to teach. Our wish is that the visitors will  become successful entrepreneurs in the future.

Erasmus Students LSI Stone
Set In Stone presented at The Design Museum in London

Set in Stone presents 20 of the original pieces created from the First Stone program at the London Design Festival 2017, The Design Museum.

LSI Stone had the opportunity to work with an extraordinary group of architects and designers, producing several works that were on display at the London Festival 2017. The pieces intend to show the versatility of the Portuguese natural stone, exposing the different colors, textures and patterns available in Portugal.

Portuguese Natural Essence in Video

LSI Stone's attendance  at the world's largest stone fair, Marmomac, was marked by a special opening in the 2017 edition. LSI Stone launched a video that combines the art of dance with the art of stone transformation.

A different video of the common that aims to convey the idea that art is present in the process of transformation of the natural stone. The art of dance conjugated with the various scenarios of the processing of natural stone create an interesting effect that allowed to focus the attention of viewers, and in the same way help the transmission of the desired message.

The video also launches to the market the new slogan of LSI Stone, "Portuguese natural Essence" because we believe that the Portuguese natural stone is Unique, is  Essence, is Timeless….  with characteristics and proprieties that can not be found anywhere in the world

An exclusive production of LSI Stone, which took long hours of production, and a large team working to make everything possible and successful.

LSI Stone will be in the largest stone fair in the world, Marmomacc'17

LSI Stone will once again be present at the Marmomacc Trade Fair. It will take place from September 27 to 30 in Verona, Italy.

Marmomac is the leading global event for the natural stone industry and represents the entire supply chain, from raw material to semifinished and finished products, from processing machinery and technologies to applications of stone in architecture and design.

The LSI Stand was designed by the Portuguese architect André Silva, the same was inspired in the Portuguese Natural Stone Culture. LSI Stone aims to demonstrate the greatness of the Natural Stone, and its infinite possibilities of application. 

To make you feel more comfortable when visiting us, we at this edition of Marmomacc will have catering all day.

Come and visit us at Stand C9, Hall 9.

SET IN STONE has already begun!

LSI Stone invites you to visit SET IN STONE, during the London Design Festival 2017, from 18 September to 25 October.

In partnership with Assimagra and Experimentadesign, Designed by Eduardo Souto Moura, Jorge Silva and Sagmeister & Walsh, developed and manufactured by LSI Stone, magnificent works will be in Display during the London Design Festival.

The project intends to show the versatility of the Portuguese Stone in the most diverse uses, showing the immense variety of colors and unique patterns.

Learn more

Designed by Souto Moura, Developed and Manufactured by LSI stone, in exhibition in Germany

Following its first presentation in Venice, during the 2016 Biennale, Resistance now won the Weil am Rhein version, in Germany, during Art Basel 2017. For this phase of the project, which continues to explore the resistance and performance of Portuguese stone, 5 more international architects were invited to participate: Eduardo Souto de Moura, João Luís Carrilho da Graça. Paulo David, Studio mk27 and Vladimir Djurovic. 

Presented in VitraHaus garden at the Vitra Campus, among buildings designed by Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Herzog & De Meuron and Álvaro Siza, and during the most important art fair in the world.

The exhibition presents new research and concepts, along with the production of innovative projects that enrich the potential of uses for this natural resource. The result is a selection of 11 urban pieces, sculpted out of Portuguese stone and produced by Portugal’s thriving industry.

An S shaped conversation seat made from a single block of rose-coloured marble with green veins. Souto de Moura has created a piece that uses the traditional shape for this type of furniture, which can also be found in the words that describe its creation: design, rose and conversation.

conversation seat designed by Souto Moura
Remembrance Centre, National Memorial Arboretum
Remembrance Centre was awarded by the RIBA National Award 2017

The Remembrance Center at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, United Kingdom is an Award Winning Project. The cladding on the internal, external and Drum in natural stone have been carefully selected, worked and manufactured,  by the expertise and dedicated team of LSI stone.

The prize was conceived by the RIBA National Award 2017, It is the only project in the West Midlands region to have been honored. It is now on the long list for the Stirling Prize - the UK's most prestigious architecture award.

The project developed by the prestigious architectural agency Glenn Howells Architects chose the moleanos limestone, the most popular Portuguese stone. This stone is only extracted in Portugal and, is currently one of the most widely known limestones in the world. 

LSI Stone has provided the well-known high-level service, responding to the architectural requirements of the project.

The judges commented: "The project leaves an imposing but not intimidating impression."

For more information about the awards and the project visit

Remembrance Centre, National Memorial Arboretum
BIM files are now available!

LSI Stone already has the BIM files available! Innovation and our company are connected since our creation, this was another small step to keep technologically advanced, following the evolution of markets and satisfying the needs of our customers.


The BIM is a new means of exchange of information between companies and their customers in order to facilitate the decision-making process. Basically, BIM is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. This model allows the project information to be added easily for each professional of specific areas (architects, engineers, etc.) to a single file. This reduces the information losses that traditionally occurred when a new team appropriated the project.


To download the files you must access to the client area of our site and register. After that, just wait for our approval and then you can use all the content.

BIM Available
LSI stone has received architecture students from the university of ETH Zurich

On the 23rd of March LSI Stone has received 15 architecture students from the university of ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Integrated in a National Tour through some of the most important Industries in Portugal, Natural stone has been integrated in this tour. Because Natural stone is what it is … “buildings fall, stone remains forever!”  Natural stone is one of the most important Industries in Portugal divided in 3 different typologies: Granite, Limestone and Marble.


This students and future architects  during one day have lived the experience of touching the stone itself, during one afternoon have walked on the quarries of the Maciço Calcário Estremenho, have a deepest understanding on the origin of the stone, in this case of the limestones from Portugal, of the available sources, how the blocks are quarried and taken into the manufactured processing. How the Calçada á Portuguesa is manufactured by the callous hands of the men’s , coble after coble and that´s why it makes it so unique.


In the morning they have been explained about the stone processing and the manufacture of real and unique pieces of Art and of Projects, have been explained the State of the Art of the natural stone processing from the raw materials to high Excellency products.  That the Natural stone Industry is an Industry modern efficient, distinct  and prepared to the demands of the XXI century and ready to the Industry 4.0


Also that Natural stone is sustainable, is extracted from the Earth but it is valuable to the World and the Natural stone processing is Ecological …


It was a very intensive and Gratifying day  to the future Architects that have now  a better Vision of the Natural Stone Industry and of The Portuguese Natural Stones and, to us at LSI stone, because we are teaching students – future Architects to Build a Future World.


LSI stone is committed to Build a Better World and we will be always free to “teach” about Natural Stone.

LSI Stone participates in seminar "Case studies" in ISCAC

LSI Stone participates today in the Seminar "Case Studies of Portuguese Companies Success: a learning" in Coimbra. The event will feature the official launch of the 4th edition of the FAE Business School program. The program aims to promote the study of cases about Portuguese companies and reward what best illustrates the concrete reality.

The seminar will have the participation of the current President of FAE, Luis Filipe Pereira and Augusto Antunes, of Millennium BCP. Representing LSI Stone will be the CEO, Regina Vitório, who will talk about his career and the company, explaining some of the factors that were decisive for its success.

The seminar will be held at the Marques de Almeida Auditorium, in Coimbra Business School | ISCAC by 6pm.



Donation of natural stone waste
Donation of natural stone waste

LSI Stone started this week a campaign for donation of natural stone waste, mainly limestone. The objective of this campaign is to give a new life to the stone waste, although having some partners in this area, we keep looking for new and creative ideas to reuse the waste.

At LSI Stone sustainability is a concern, We live in a planet where resources are limited, so it is important to think about their reuse.

Our first look is: the environment!

If you are interested in acquiring stone gravel please contact us.

Donation of natural stone waste
LSI Stone in the newspaper "Jornal de Leiria"

The newspaper "Jornal de Leiria" published an article about our company, LSI Stone. We are proud to see that our work is valued and a reference for our region. The article titled "Internal resources and export performance - the case of Inovopedra" highlights the export capacity and the rapid growth of 20% per year of the company, also mentioning the 100% of company production is for exportation.

The other important issue of the news was the OME, and the respective application of it.

It is a very interesting article, who has a chance to read, we recommend.

newspaper Jornal de Leiria - LSI Stone
LSI Stone at TISE 2017 Las Vegas

LSI Stone will be present for the first time at TISE 2017 in Las Vegas. The International Surface Event (TISE) is the largest North American event serving the floorcovering, stone & tile industries. The fair will take place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center between days 18 and 20 January 2017.

The International Surface Event is huge, but it will be easy to find our stand, just look for booth 3127. We promise you that the fair will be very intense in this three days with newest products, hands-on demos, inspiring trends, key manufacturers, industry suppliers, along with unmatched education and networking.

We wait for you, and we will welcome you as usual.

See you in Las Vegas!

A New Tree in the Garden


We have a new tree in our garden!!! But it is not a simple tree… It´s an OAK! Yes, we have a new Oak in our garden… It represents the life of Mr. Antonio Carvalho, our Production Manager whom have dedicated part of his life to LSI Stone, this company was and it is the Life of Mr. Antonio Carvalho and nevertheless he can not be with us physically , this oak represents the life of Mr. Antonio in the Company. 

Mr. António Carvalho was an extraordinary and exemplary worker of our "family", will be always  remembered by all of us;  for the best practices, friendship, loyalty  and dedication that has always provided to the company.

LSI Stone have lost a Brave Men in the company however have Won a new Tree.

LSI Stone oak
Awarded project 7-8 St James Square in London
Awarded project 7-8 St James Square in London

LSI-Stone have been awarded on the 2nd of Decembe2016, in London at the Natural Stone Awards!

The 2016 Natural Stone Awards ceremony was held at the new exciting venue, the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, a five-star hotel close to two historic natural stone structures: The Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

The project 7-8 St James Square is an external cladding project supplied in Portuguese limestone Cabeca Veada, designed by Eric Parry Architects. It is a challenged project because of the likewise large sizes and solid stone works that have been used in Natural stone.

The judges commented that “the detailing of copings and window cills were not skimped on and well thought through so water cannot run down the surfaces of the building. The cills drain into an inner channel and an external lip, very effective.This was a building that exuded quality, being well designed to show a complete understanding of the use of stone”.

It´s a Reputable and well Recognized Award to the team involved in the successful project.

Awarded project 7-8 St James Square in London

Anticipating design and architectural international trends, LSI Stone has travelled all around the world to bring you the next big trend in stone interior design: dolomite

With a keen eye for international business opportunities, Regina Vitório has personally examined the quarries and has guaranteed the international exclusivity for this high end stone, only found in a few selected quarries.

For the most exquisite spaces, this special dolomite stone is carefully selected by LSI Stone to assure its high standards and quality for most demanding cut to size projects.

Available soon.

Dolomite slab
LSI STONE journey to success in video

LSI Stone has just premiered its latest promotional video, inviting you to immerse into the history and daily work of this great stone company.

The story of how LSI Stone has become an international benchmark for stone quality is made of hard work, perseverance and strategic investments. By combining the inherited knowledge and state of the art machinery, LSI Stone has granted its prime position in the world stone industry.

LSI Stone journey to success is now available in video.

LSI STONE joins MARMOMACC’16 in the definition of stone industry future

MARMOMACC, the world’s leading event for the natural stone industry, has just opened its doors to professional trade visitors and will be representing the industry finest companies, projects and professionals from September 28th to October 1st in Verona, Italy.

Representing the best of Portuguese stone industry, LSI Stone is a guaranteed attendance at MARMOMACC’16 edition and can be met at Hall 12 stand G4.

LSI Stone offers attendees the possibility to visit to their factory at 2197.8 km away with an immersive 360º virtual tour. To discuss the future of stone and to keep up with their latest projects, the company will also host a happy hour gathering on the September 29th.

With several projects around the world and partnerships with world renowned architects, LSI Stone is an international benchmark for stonework quality and design and is about to take another step forward in their growth and innovation strategy.

Featuring international key specialists and qualified buyers from all over the world, the 51st MARMOMACC edition will stage several side conferences, meetings, workshops and award ceremonies to discuss the future of the stone global industry.

Australian Institute of Building awards Sidney’s 20 Martin Place.

LSI Stone "Versus Line" carved cladding is a main feature in the Australian Institute of Building Awarded project, the 20 Martin Place in Sidney.

With a genious use of natural light, the multi-awarded Sidney’s 20 Martin Place has a unique carved cladding that reflects light, expanding and giving the main hall a glamorous, natural and exquisite ambience. LSI Stone' special indoor carved wall cladding, in Regina limestone, is a key element in this building interior design project that combines a contemporary and sustainable design.


For more information, please visit 20 Martin Place website:

Sidney’s 20 Martin Place awarded by AIB

Our stone work is a key element at Sidney’s 20 Martin Place interior design project. A multi awarded building that applies contemporary and environmentally sustainable design. We celebrate the award received at Built, with lots of pride.

It’s wonderful to see the result of everyday’s work being recognized in the other side of the world, down under, like this. This award was given by the Australian Institute of Building. 


Check the 20 Martin Place Website for more:

SIMEC's new marble polishing machine
SIMEC's new marble polishing machine

SIMEC's new marble polishing machine has just arrived. It will be a great upgrade to our plant.

SIMEC's new marble polishing machine

LSI-STONE is a member of MIA (Marble Institute of America), one of the most remarkable association in the world. MIA is a leading promoter of stone usage in commercial and residential marketplaces and also provides a several number of education materials on the use of natural stone and its proper care and mantenance. This membership includes companies that are committed to the highest standards of workmanship and ethics. For more information, check

Stone Art Passion
Stone Art Passion

Portugal has always been a great country, surrounded by the Atlantic and moved by adventurous people, people who were never afraid of new challenges...

@ LSI stone we face a new challenge everyday...


Stone Art Passion
Sustainable Garden

At LSI-Stone we always have new things happening.

Today we add to our natural garden two sun lounger models, made out of natural stone. We mean to assure the sustainability of the products transformed on our productive unit.

Moleanos Quarries

@ LSI-stone the cooperation spirit is a constant…

Today we shared experiences and knowledge with FMDC, Ltd for the main solid Portuguese limestone quarries; one of the main sources of Portuguese natural stone, in Serra de Aires e Candeeiros.

We are proud to add value to the Portuguese Stone Industry.

Venice Architecture Biennal 2016

In cooperation with Assimagra, Experimenta  and other Portuguese companies, LSI-stone is involved in the project - A Primeira Pedra , an action to promote the best stone in the world: Portuguese Natural Stone.

Opening of Resistance - A primeira Pedra, with Alvaro Siza Vieira, Amanda Levete, Bijoy Jain, Elemental and Alejandro Aravena and Mia Hagg; the Prime Minister of Portugal - Dr. Antonio Costa, at Villa Hériot in Venice.

Venice Architecture Biennal 2016
Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0

Getting ready to the 4th Industrial Revolution: Industry 4.0

Lsi-stone keep investing in the most up to date technologies following towards to the new generation.

Industry 4.0
World investigation with LSI-STONE’s limestone on 25th May 2016.

We're proud to participate at the investigation where five renewed architects, which includes portuguese Álvaro Siza, were invited to challenge the resistence of portuguese limestone in terms of their origin, qualities and accompanying manufacturing industry. The “First Stone” program 1st event on 25th May count with the presence of the portuguese prime-minister António Costa and it predates the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, which opens doors on 28th May.

World investigation with LSI-STONE

Located in the Old Street area of London, the Eagle House is 81 meters high, inspired by Art Deco, and known as the second highest stone building in the UK. Mount Anvil, appointed Putney & Wood, that suggested LSI STONE's Moleanos limestone for the building cladding, which ensured the premium quality required for such a high profile project.

Music for charity by EASY DRAGONS

Gioel, an emerging italian songwriter and singer, that supports Easy Dragons Charity who, in turn, supports Cittadinanza Onlus and M.A.E.S. Therapy, will give a concert on tuesday, 22nd March 2016, at the Union Chapel, in London.
Easy Drangons is a rowing team of Stanton Williams Architects, in London, with whom LSI STONE has the priviledge to work on several projects.
This is just another project that LSI STONE is proud to support.

Music for charity by EASY DRAGONS
Stone Living

On March 15th we presented at IEJ our inspiring journey to the Social and Human Sciences Course students. We shared our expertise to the training of future professionals.

Riverwalk - London

LSI-Stone is involved in the stone supplying of an emblematic and Luxury Residential Complex in London – Riverwalk, scenario of the recently 007 Spectrum: a James Bond movie.

Riverwalk - London
Enrique Iglesias and the Directors of LSI Stone
Enrique Iglesias and the Directors of LSI Stone

Special Moments with Enrique Iglesias and the Directors of LSI Stone, after his concert on the last 13 December.
Our stone is part of Enrique's house in the USA.

Enrique Iglesias and the Directors of LSI Stone
2016 is coming…

2015 has been a successful and remarkable year to LSI-stone, a year of challenges and of major improvements.
In continuous evolution we would like to thank to everyone who contributed and keep doing the best to the Success of LSI stone In the World.
We wish you all, a Happy and Successful New Year!

2016 is coming…
Environment and Sustainability
Environment and Sustainability

LSI Stone cares about the environment and sustainability, ensuring the reuse of waste from production, for example to landscape projects.
We are also concerned about energy efficiency, more we try to use tools and biodegradable accessories.
Water, needed to transform the natural product is from aquifers and rains, and it is reused after treatment / purification.
Maintaining the concern for the environment is an ongoing implementation of ISO14001.

Environment and Sustainability
Construction Awards 2015 - The Eagle House - London

The Eagle House on City Road (EC1) in the heart of Tech City in London, received a Silver Award.
This Award which recognise those that set the bar for considerate construction, showing the highest levels of consideration towards the public, its workforce and the environment.
We are very happy to have been involved in this project.
Congratulations to all the professionals who made this project a reference with the highest recognition.

You can visit The Eagle House building website here.

Construction Awards 2015 - The Eagle House - London
The History of Man and Stone: A Documentary

A must see Documentary about the history of Man and Stone. Produced by the Marble Institute of America.