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LSI stone has received architecture students from the university of ETH Zurich

On the 23rd of March LSI Stone has received 15 architecture students from the university of ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Integrated in a National Tour through some of the most important Industries in Portugal, Natural stone has been integrated in this tour. Because Natural stone is what it is … “buildings fall, stone remains forever!”  Natural stone is one of the most important Industries in Portugal divided in 3 different typologies: Granite, Limestone and Marble.


This students and future architects  during one day have lived the experience of touching the stone itself, during one afternoon have walked on the quarries of the Maciço Calcário Estremenho, have a deepest understanding on the origin of the stone, in this case of the limestones from Portugal, of the available sources, how the blocks are quarried and taken into the manufactured processing. How the Calçada á Portuguesa is manufactured by the callous hands of the men’s , coble after coble and that´s why it makes it so unique.


In the morning they have been explained about the stone processing and the manufacture of real and unique pieces of Art and of Projects, have been explained the State of the Art of the natural stone processing from the raw materials to high Excellency products.  That the Natural stone Industry is an Industry modern efficient, distinct  and prepared to the demands of the XXI century and ready to the Industry 4.0


Also that Natural stone is sustainable, is extracted from the Earth but it is valuable to the World and the Natural stone processing is Ecological …


It was a very intensive and Gratifying day  to the future Architects that have now  a better Vision of the Natural Stone Industry and of The Portuguese Natural Stones and, to us at LSI stone, because we are teaching students – future Architects to Build a Future World.


LSI stone is committed to Build a Better World and we will be always free to “teach” about Natural Stone.