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LSI Stone launches exclusive Portuguese onyx for the market

The unique and exclusive Onyx produced by LSI Stone has been featured recently in one of the industry's most relevant websites, Stone Ideas. Stone Ideas gave the title "Portuguese LSI Stone turns vice to virtue by artfully filling faults in limestone to create unique marketing material" to the article.

LSI Stone had in the past presented a new and exclusive stone onyx at the fair of Marmomac 2017 in Italy, which was the center of attention of the stand, not escaping the looks of Peter Becker of Stone ideas.

This stone can only be found next to one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal, the Mira de Aire caves, located in the natural park of Serras de Aire e Candeeiros. The stone was formed millions of years ago near caves with more than 1500 stalactites. In this particular case, stalactites are composed of Onyx marble, a special type of onyx.

This onyx is rare, often only being discovered when the block is sawed, the same is seen as an imperfection of the stone, going to the trash, not being harnessed to create authentic works of art. A "waste product" that can be easily harnessed for decoration and artwork.

The small fragments of onyx resulting from the cutting process are used to fill the small faults, applying resin to obtain a perfect result.

The work of art exhibited at the fair was accompanied by a uniform light panel behind the stone, achieved in cooperation with GPI, creating an extraordinary decorative effect.

LSI Stone expects to start marketing this exclusive stone very soon, and is currently developing a brand for the product.

Read more at Stone Ideas.

Exclusive Portuguese Onyx by LSI Stone